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Good read – Sky

After her mother’s death, Sky moves to her aunt and uncle's in small-town Australian.

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Maja's book review

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Sky by Ondine Sherman

Review by Holly (13)

April 27th, 2018 | Submitted by Holly (13)


Sky, lover of dogs, activism, and everything animal rights, is facing a change bigger than anything she had ever imagined. The tragic death of her mother leaves her horrified, and to make things worse, she has to move out into the countryside to live with her strange aunt Paula. It only gets worse when she realises her aunt has forgotten she is vegan. As an up-and-down path unfolds, you will follow Sky through the struggles of starting a new school, popularity, guys, and standing up for what is right. The friends she makes and the family she creates, animal and human, will keep you engaged throughout Sky’s captivating journey.

Did you like the book?

I thoroughly enjoyed this book, feeling it was powerful and thought-provoking. The fast-paced plot fitted together beautifully, both capturing the fact that there is not always a perfect ending and restoring my faith in humanity. It nicely balanced the two main elements of the story, animal rights and social life. The only thing I disliked, really, was the ending, which seemed, perhaps, a little longer than necessary. But this did not affect the impact and general good vibes I got from the book.

Would others like this book?

I think there is only one answer to this: absolutely! I would recommend this to anyone and everyone who loves a good book. It holds obvious appeal for anyone who is already passionate about animal rights and could easily serve as an introduction to activism for someone who is not.

Who might like this book?

I think anyone 12 and over would enjoy this book. It does contain some vivid descriptions of animal cruelty and mild description of animal pain. On the social side, as Sky is 16, most of the issues she faces at school would be more interesting to those of high school age or older.

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"Together we can make a difference - for all animals"

"Together we can make a difference - for all animals"