Horse Colouring Winners

Find out the winners of our Horse colouring competition!

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Good read – Sky

After her mother’s death, Sky moves to her aunt and uncle's in small-town Australian.

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The Kind Bake Sale

Bake a positive change for animals. Take part in our Kind Bake Sale.

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Horse Colouring Competition

Kids, our latest colouring competition is out now!

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Lily's Blog

We recently asked one of our Animal Squad members, Lily, to tell us why she loves animals.

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Animal Tales Winners!

There were some amazing entries ...

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Factory Farmed Pigs

Overall, what the world needs is to stop cruelty towards pigs ...

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Winners Announced!

Thanks to everyone who entered our All Life Matters colouring competition.

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Welcome to the new SAFE Animal Squad webpage.

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Maja's book review

Being a teenager who is passionate about solving the ethical problems ...

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Poem by Isla

May 3rd 2017 | Submitted by Isla

Over 100 million animals killed each year,
Cooped up in cages they shiver in fear.

Chemicals rubbed into shaved off hair,
Why do we treat them like this it’s so unfair.

No pain relief after all this,
These animals are definitely not in bliss.

You can all help these animals if you care,
Some of the ways I've listed here.

This is for all animals treated bad,
They all must be so very sad.

Don't buy factory-farmed meat,
To me these animals taste sad to eat.

Don't buy animal-tested makeup,
How would you like to never wake up.

Don't support cruelty to these creatures,
The chemicals and beatings ruining their features.

These animals deserve to be treated better,
And I hope to help them through this letter.

"Together we can make a difference - for all animals"

"Together we can make a difference - for all animals"